Webinar – Procurement 101 (#200.6)

Next class TBA • 9:00 – 12:00; 1:00 – 4:00
Next class TBA • 9:00 – 12:00; 1:00 – 4:00

COST: $550




A thorough and comprehensive 12 hour class covering the essentials of the PHA procurement process including a review of 2 CFR 200 and the HUD Procurement Handbook, as well as information specific to Texas PHAs.  Elective class for Texas Housing Association Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher certification programs.


  • Background
  • Procurement Regulations and HUD Procurement Guidebook
  • Micro Purchases
  • Small Purchases
  • Sealed Bids
  • Competitive Proposals
  • Non-Competitive Proposals
  • Statement of Work and Specification
  • Contract Administration
  • Joinder Contracts
  • Disadvantaged and Women Business Enterprises
  • Mixed Finance Procurement


NAOMI BYRNE has over 20 years of experience in the housing and non-profit industries, managing multiple types of public housing and multi-family housing programs. She has experience in all aspects of running a Housing Authority, including accounting, human resources, capital funds, development, and property management and maintenance. She also has experience rehabbing/ developing single family and multi-family using HOPE VI, LIHTC, RAD, and conventional funding sources. She has served as President of Fort Worth Housing Solutions, the Executive Director of Texarkana Housing Authority and Georgetown Housing Authority and Chief Operations Officer for the Pittsburgh, PA Housing Authority. In 2018, she formed her own consulting firm, Stinger Consulting LLC, to provide guidance and assistance to PHAs in operations and development, and provided training and consulting to PHAs nationally through contracts with national consulting firms such as Nan McKay and Associates and EJP Consulting Group, LLC, and as a Faculty Trainer with NAHRO. As of March 2020, she has joined EJP Consulting Group, LLC full-time as a Senior Associate, and her focus area is assisting PHAs to evaluate, reposition and recapitalize their Public Housing assets. Naomi has certifications in Public Housing Rent Calculation, Occupancy and Management, Housing Choice Voucher Specialist and Program Management, Certified Professional of Occupancy, Maintenance Management, Tax Credit Specialist, Public Housing Executive Management, Project Based Voucher Specialist and Section 3. Naomi joined the THA training team in 2013.


General Guidance

Procurement Chart
Procurement Checklist
Procurement Flowchart
TMLIRP Re:  HUD Approval of Program

Guidebooks and Handbooks

Public Housing Development Handbook (7417.1 Rev 1)
Procurement Handbook (7460.8 Rev 2)
Procurement Training Guidebook (HUD)
Texas Procurement and Contract Management Guide 2018
Wage Determination Transition PPT

Sample Policies

Sample Procurement Procedures
Sample Procurement Policy (THA)

Forms – RFP & RFQ

HUD 5369 B
HUD 5369 C
HUD 5370 C1
HUD 5370 C2
HUD 51915
HUD 51915-A
ICE – RFP & RFQ    pdf version

Forms – Small Purchases

HUD 5370 C1
HUD 5370 EZ
ICE – Small Purchase         pdf version 
Sample Cost Estimate Form     pdf  version
Sample Cost Quotation Form     pdf version
Mandatory Contract Clause – NonConstruction

Forms – Sealed Bid

HUD 5369
HUD 5369 A
HUD 5369 B
HUD 5369 C
HUD 5370
ICE – Sealed Bid     pdf version
Sample Bid Opening Sign Up Sheet     pdf version
Sample Tabulation Sheet     pdf version
Sample Checklist of Contractor Responsibility
Sample Contractor Reference Form
Sample Form of Bid     pdf  version
Sample Form of Bid Bond
Sample IFB Cover Sheet      pdf version
Sample NonCollusive Affidavit 1
Sample NonCollusive Affidavit 2

Forms – Miscellaneous

Contractor Certification     pdf  version
Cost/Price Analysis Sample     pdf version
Evaluation Committee  – Conflict of Interest Disclosure
Evaluation Committee –  Guidelines
Evaluation Committee – Instructions for Proposal Review
Mixed Finance – Developer RFQ Score Sheet
Mixed Finance – Evaluation
Mixed Finance – RFP/RFQ Outline

Joinder Information

Piggybacking regs
Piggybacking regs – 2 CFR 200
Sample Joinder Language for Contracts
Sample Joinder Form

OIG Reports


Davis Bacon Requirements

Davis Bacon Labor Standards Desk Guide
Davis Bacon Prevailing Wage Requirements
Making Davis Bacon Work

Section 3 (new regulations)

Other Guidance

Financing Transactions
Mixed Finance Procurement FAQs
PHAs and Affiliates
Procurement – Audits
Procurement – For Commissioners
Procurement Integrity Bulletin
Procurement – Legal Services
Procurement Practices PHAs
Procurement Regs at 2 CFR 200