The following are sample policies.  Some come from various PHAs.  Some have been developed by THA to use as models or examples.  All policies used as guidance need to be reviewed carefully and adapted to the individual PHA’s needs and its community.  Most policies do not represent “one size fits all”.
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Abandoned Property
Accountability Plan (IRS) Employee Reimbursements
Accountable Mileage Plan
Accounting Policy
Administrative Plan – HCV (THA) 8/23
Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy, (ACOP) Public Housing (THA) 8/23
Auxiliary Aids Policy
Bed Bug Policy 1
Bed Bug Policy 2
Bed Bug Policy 3
Blood Borne Disease 1
Blood Borne Disease 2
Bylaws – Housing Authority (THA)
Bylaws – Resident Organization (THA)

Capitalization (THA)
Cash Overage/Shortage (THA)
Cell Phone Policy 1
Cell Phone Policy 2
Cell Phone Policy 3
Check Signing Policy
Check Writing Policy
Change Fund (THA)
Collection Losses Write-Off (THA)
Commissioners – Rules of Governance
Community Room Rental Policy 1
Community Room Rental Policy 2
Community Room Rental – Misc Texas Policies
Community Service (THA) 9/15

Community Service Certification (Initial) (THA)
Community Service Certification (Recert) (THA)
Community Service Exemption Certification (THA)
Caretaker Verification (THA)
Community Service Record and Certification of Activities (THA)
Community Service Tracking Form (THA)
Community Service Non-Compliance Notice (THA)
CSSR Work-Out Agreement (THA)

Compensation (Salary) Significant Change Policy Resolution
Continuity-Emergency Plan
Continuity of Operations/Contingency Plan Guidance
Continuity of Operations/Contingency Plan 1
Continuity of Operations/Contingency Plan 2
Continuity of Operations/Contingency Plan 3
Continuity of Operations/Contingency Plan 4
Cooperation Agreement (THA)
Cost Allocation Plan
Cost Allocation Policy
Cost Recovery Plan
Credit Card Limit
Credit Card Policy
Credit Card Policy 2
Credit Card Policy 3
Credit Card Policy 4
Criminal Screening Policy Public Housing (THA)
Criminal Screening Policy Section 8 (THA)
Criminal Trespass 1
Criminal Trespass 2
Criminal Trespass 3
Customer Service Policy
Disaster Response 1
Disaster Response 2
Disaster Response 3
Disaster Response 4
Disaster Response 5
Disaster Response 6
Disposition (THA)
Domestic Violence Policy (see VAWA Policy)
Dress Codes for Staff

Dress Code 1
Dress Code 2
Dress Code 3
Dress Code 4
Dress Code 5

Drug Dogs (Lease Language)
Drug Dog Policy (language to add to Criminal Screening Policy)
Drug Free Workplace (THA)
Effective Communication Policy
EIV Security Policy
EIV Security Policy (PH)
EIV Security Policy (Multifamily)
Electronic and Social Media Policy
Electronic Communications Policy
Emergency Preparedness (See Disaster Response)
Employee Background/Reference Check Policy
Ethics Policy 1 (Standards of Conduct) (THA)
Ethics Policy 2
Ethics Policy 3
Evictions (THA)
Family Medical Leave Act Policy (50 or more employees)
Fraud Policy 1
Fraud Policy 2
Fraud Policy 3
Garden Policy
Grievance Procedure (THA) 3/16
HAP Termination due to Insufficient Funding (sample language for Admin Plan)
Harassment Policy
HCV Program Integrity and Ethics Policy
Housekeeping Standards (THA)
House Rules 1
House Rules 2
Infestation Policy 1
Internal Control Policy 1
Internal Control Policy 2
Investment (THA)
Investment, Small Agency (THA)
Investments, Sample Report
Lawncare Policy (THA) Lawncare Agreement (THA)
Lease – Public Housing (THA) 8/23
LEP Plan
LEP Policy
Maintenance Plan (THA)
Minority Business Enterprise (THA)

Paid Time-Off Policy
Pandemic Response Policy
Parking 2
Parking 3
Parking 4
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Safeguard Policy
Personnel 1 (THA)
Pet Policy (THA)
Petty Cash (THA)

Pest Control Policy (IPM)
Playground Rules
Playground Rules 2
Procurement (THA) 4/19
Project Based Voucher Policy (Sample, includes RAD)
Quality Control Policy HCV 1
QC Policy HCV 2
QC Policy HCV 3
RAD Relocation Plan
Reasonable Accommodation Policy
Records Management (Retention and Disposition) (THA)
Relocation Plan
Relocation Policy
Rent Collection (THA)
Rent Collection for a PFC
Role Separation-Staff and Commissioners
Rules of Governance – Commissioners
Safety Policy
Satellite Dish Policy 1,

Satellite Dish Policy 2
Satellite Dish Policy 3
Satellite Dish Policy 4
Satellite Dish Policy 5
Satellite Dish Policy 6
Schedule of Maintenance and Other Charges sample
Scooter Policy
Section 3 Policy
Section 3 Policy (Simple)
Security Deposit (THA)
Sexual Harassment

Smoke Free Public Housing Policy (3/17)
Smoke Free Public Housing Policy Sample 2
Social Media Policy
Social Media Policy 2
Standards of Conduct/Code of Ethics (2/17)
Standards of Conduct 2
Tenant Selection Plan 1(Project-based Section 8)
Tenant Selection Plan 2(Project-based Section 8)
Tenant Selection Plan 3(Project-based Section 8)
Tenant Selection and Occupancy Plan
Tenant Selection Plan (PBRA and Tax Credit)
Trespass and Ban Policy
Transfer Policy
Uncollectable Accounts
VASH sample language for policy
VASH – Policy
VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) Policy (3/17)  Sample Resolution for adopting
Vehicle Pol 1
Vehicle Pol 2
Vehicle Pol 3
Workplace Violence
Write-Off of Delinquencies