Committee Descriptions

Administrative Committee (board members only)

  • Reviews THA Executive Director’s (ED) performance and contract annually, prior to end of fiscal year,  and meets with ED to discuss any problem areas or needed contract negotiations.
  • Periodically reviews internal policies, e.g., personnel, of THA to be sure they are current and makes recommendations to the Board on any changes that might make the operation run more efficiently.
  • Reviews by-laws annually to determine if they are reflective of how the association is actually operating or needs to be operating, to determine if wording is consistent from section to section and to make recommendations to the Board, no later than the spring Board meeting, on changes to be put before the general membership at the August meeting.

Conference Committee

  • Works with THA Executive Director to determine future annual meeting sites, preferably two years in advance.
  • Brainstorms with THA ED on agenda topics and speakers, entertainment and other program ideas for the annual conference
  • Provides input to THA ED at “post mortem” prior to Board meeting in October, to recommend ways to improve the conference and suggest any changes or new ideas for the following year; to talk about what worked well and what didn’t work well.
  • Performs other duties related to conference planning as needed or delegated  by the THA ED.
  • Actually works the registration desk and/or helps with other required activities during the conference such as meeting room monitoring, running errands, ticket taking, etc.

Finance Committee (board members only)

  • Reviews annual budget, as proposed by THA ED, and makes recommendations on any desired changes prior to the October Board meeting.
  • Reviews financial status of association and recommends possible strategies for saving money or increasing revenues.
  • Reviews investments periodically and makes recommendations on any possible changes that would increase income.
  • Apprises THA ED and Board of any sources of funding that might help THA improve or increase member services.

Legislative/Agency Liaison Committee

Appointed on ad hoc basis

Member Services Committee

  • Reviews ways to assist with special needs of certain PHAs (e.g., small agencies) or individuals (e.g., new EDs); recommends ways to help bring new EDs “into the loop.”
  • Provides input to Board on ideas for increasing or improving member services, within budgetary constraints
  • Develops creative projects to increase networking at conferences
  • Reviews and makes recommendations on endorsement requests (e.g., insurance) and other projects which periodically are proposed for THA sponsorship or involvement.

Nominations/Election Committee (appointed by President)

  • Responsible for certifying nominations for officers and email ballots

Scholarship Committee

  • Responsible for reviewing applications, rating and selecting annual recipients of the THA scholarship awards; responsible for periodically reviewing scholarship amount and policies and making recommendations to the Board on any desired changes.

Training Committee (THA trainers only)

  • Works with the THA ED, Area Directors, HUD Offices and regional organization presidents to determine the most urgent training needs in the state.
  • Provides input on topics, method of delivery and trainers and is prepared to help THA ED develop new training materials or research good sample policies and other PHA materials that might aid in training.
  • Keeps eye out for new good prospective trainers (peer PHA trainers are selected based on a number of variables besides willingness to train: public speaking ability, organization skills, program knowledge, reputation and credibility among peers, HUD recommendation based on PHA performance, ability to take time off from work, and so forth).
  • Investigates new training methods and keeps THA ED current on new developments.