State Laws

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State Statutes Index

Attorney General Opinions
Employment/Personnel Laws
Housing Cooperation Act (LGC Chapter 393)
Housing Finance Corporations (LGC Chapter 394)
Housing Authority Law (LGC Chapter 392)
Human Resources Code
Nepotism Statute (GC 573)
Open Meetings Act (GC Chapter 551)
Penal Code, Re: Weapons
Procurement – County Purchasing/Contracting (LGC Chapter 262)
Procurement – Municipal Purchasing/Contracting (LGC Chapter 252)
Procurement – Other Local Govt. Purchasing Provisions (LGC Chapter 271)
Procurement – Professional Services (GC Chapter 2254)
Property Code (contains all landlord/tenant laws as well  as Texas Fair Housing Act)
Public Facility Corporations (LGC 303)
Public Funds Investment Act (GC 2256)
Public Information Act (Open Records)(GC Chapter 552)