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Disclaimer:  The following RFPs were used by and collected from various PHAs and are provided only as guides to you for preparing your own.  Texas Housing Association cannot/will not  guarantee that these documents are totally compliant with all federal/state procurement requirements for such documents.

Accounting Services 1
A & E Services 1
A & E Services 2
Agency Plan Preparation
Asbestos Testing
Asbestos Abatement
Asset Management
Audit Services 1
Audit Services 2
Banking Services
Development 1
Development 2
Development 3
Disability Insurance
Electric Service 1
Electric Service 2
Electric Service 3
Elevator Maintenance
Energy Audit
Energy Efficiency
Environmental Assessment
Flat Rent Study
Hearing Officer Services
HQS Inspection Services
Inspection Services – HCV
Insurance – Property
Lawn Care Services
Lead Paint Consulting Services
Lead Paint Inspections
Legal Services 1
Legal Services 2
Legal Services 3
Managed IT Services
Medical Insurance 1
Medical Insurance 2
Medical Insurance 3
Medical Insurance 1 (sample, large agency)
Medical Insurance 2 (sample, large agency)
Medical Insurance 3 (sample, large agency)
Pest Control 1
Pest Control 2
Pest Control 3
Project-Based Vouchers 1
Project-Based Vouchers 2
Project-Based Vouchers 3
Public Relations 1
Public Relations 2
RAD Consultant Part 1
RAD Consultant Part 2
RAD Consultant Part 3
Rent Reasonableness Study
Roof Replacement – sample 1
Roof Replacement – sample 2
Salary Comparability Study 1
Salary Comparability Study 2
Sale of Scattered Site Homes (IFB)
Security Services 1
Security Services 2
Telecommunications Service
Trash Disposal System
Truck Purchase
UPCS Inspections 1
UPCS Inspections 2
Utility Allowances
Utility Services 1
Utility Services 2
Website Design