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Abandoned Unit Notice
 Trespass Letter 1
Criminal Trespass Letter 2
Denial Letter – Add-On to Lease
Denial Letter – Admission
Denial Letter – Transfer
Drug Abuse Warning
Eligibility Letter – Short Waiting List
Eligibility Letter – Long Waiting List
Eligibility Requirements – Notice of
Service/Emotional Support Animal Verification Letter


Agreement to Vacate
Eviction Checklist
Eviction Hold Off Agreement
Forcible Entry and Detainer
Vacate Demand Notice
Not Accepting Rent
Notice of Delinquent Rent
Notice of Intent to Vacate
Notice of Intent to Vacate 2
 of Lease Infractions
Notice of Lease Infractions 2
Notice of Lease Termination
Notice of Termination (SP)
Notice to Vacate for Nonpayment of Rent
Notice to Vacate for Nonpayment of Rent 2
Notice to Vacate for Nonpayment of Rent 3
Notice to Vacate – Non Rent/Grievance
Notice to Vacate – Non Rent /No Grievance
Notice to Vacate – Non Rent/ Spanish
Violation – Community Service
Violation – Pets
Violation – Housekeeping
Violation – Info Needed

HAP Program Termination Notice
HAP Program Termination Recommendation
HAP Termination Notice to Landlord
Hardship Notification Letter
HCV Family Obligations (SP)
Inspection Notice Public Housing
Inspection – Re-Inspection Notice Public Housing 
 – Emergency
Maintenance – Response Procedures 
Meeting Notice, 
Certificate of Posting
New Lease Sign Notice
No More Checks letter
Pilot Waiver
Pilot Waiver 2
Police Department, Letter to
Public Meeting Notice 
(Agency Plan)
Returned Check
Sheriff’s Department,
 Letter to
Reasonable Accommodation Notice to Applicants
Re-Exam Letter
 – Follow Up
Rent Adjustment Notice
Renters’ Rights Notice
Satellite Dish – sample letter to resident
Unreported Income Public Housing
Unreported Income Section 8

Violation of HAP Contract
Violation of HAP Contract 2
Voucher Assistance Termination 1
Voucher Assistance Termination 2
Voucher Assistance Termination 3
Notice of Voucher Expiration and Extension

Waiting List – Notice of Closing