The following are samples of procedures that have been or are being used by other PHAs, provided here as guides only. Primary purpose of having written procedures is to ensure that the staff knows how to carry out the PHA’s policies consistently, compliantly and more easily.

Procedures for:

Additions to and Deletions from Resident Family
Affirmative Marketing
Annual Reexamination of Income and Family Circumstances
Application Intake and Processing
Charges in Addition to Rent
Civil Rights and Disability Rights
Client Files – HCV
Client Files – Public Housing and PBV
Criminal Background Checks with Arrests Only
Earned Income Disallowances
Emergency Response
Good Cause for Refusal of a Public Housing or Project-based Voucher Unit Offer
Imputed Welfare (TANF) Income
Informal Hearings for HCV and PBV Participants
Informal Reviews for HCV and PBV Applicants Denied Assistance
Informal Hearings For Rejected Public Housing Applicants
Interim Rent Adjustments
Lease Enforcement and Termination
Over-Income Public Housing Residents
Pre-Occupancy Briefings
Reasonable Accommodation
Rent Determination – Public Housing (THA)
Rent/HAP Determination – HCV
Safety and Risk Management
Screening Procedures 19 (THA)
Standard Operating Procedures (HCV) – Examples

Child Support
EIV Records Mgt.
File Maintenance
Funding Resources
Grievance Procedures
Grievance Appeals
Quality Control
Staff Duties
Waiting List
SEMAP Self Assessment

Adjusted Income
Housing Opportunity
Rent Reasonableness
Response to Indicators
Selection from Waiting List
Waiting List Mgt

Termination of Assistance – HCV and PBV
Transfers – Public Housing and PBV
Utility Allowances – Establishing and Adjusting
Verifications 19 (THA)
Visitors in Public Housing and Project-based Voucher Properties
Waiting List – Opening and Closing
Working from Home – Remote Work Procedure