Research Results

Results of Research Surveys

Accountants Used
Agency Plan Consultants Used
Answering Services
Auditors used
Babysitting Onsite
Basketball Hoops – Do You Have
Bathfitter – Experience with
Bathroom Remodeling Vendors Used
Bed Bug Heat Treatment
Blown Insulation
Board Meetings – How often do you meet?
Call Switches
Capital Funds Used for Operations
Car Allowances
Children Allowed at Briefings
Collection Agency Used
Community Room Rental Policies
Community Service Volunteers
CO Detectors
Copier – Own or Lease?
Credit Card Rewards Points – How Handled
Credit/Debit Cards Accepted
Credit Reports – Do You Run? Cost?
Criminal History – time before admission
Criminal Checks – Companies used
Criminal Trespass Policies
Deadbolt Use
Disapproving Tenancy Request (HCV)
Disaster Preference
Elderly Services
Elderly – When No Longer Can Take Care of Themselves
Environmental Reviews Phase 1 – Who Does
Fitness Incentives
Garden Policies
Gas Meter Transfers
General Depository Agreement – Problems With
Gifts for Tenants/Commissioners
Gun Carrying Policy for Staff
HCV Fee Accountants
Hearing Officers – PH Grievance Procedure
Homeless Preference
Homeless Preference 2
HQS Inspections  – Contracted or in-house
HQS Inspections – Contracting with other PHAs to do; cost
HQS Re-Inspection Fees
Human Resources Function – Who handles in small PHAs
HVAC service – how handled
Insurance Required of Non-Construction Contractors
Internet Service – Providing to Residents
Inventory Control of Consumables
Inventory Control – Computer Management
Late Fees Charges
Laundry Facilities
Lawncare Contracted
Leave Carry-Over
Leave Pooling
Lock Outs – Charging when Residents lock themselves out
Maintenance – how much do you pay?
Medical Insurance – what provided by PHA
Medical Insurance – percentage paid by PHA
Medical Insurance Providers and Share
Medical Insurance – Who Uses TMLGBRP?
Mini blinds?
Mobile Device Use
Paperless – Have You Gone
Payroll Contracted Out
Permissive Deductions
Per Diem
PILOT Waivers (2015)
Pools – Kiddie
Rent Collection Methods
Rent – due date when falls on a weekend
Retirement Program Offered
Rooftop Leases
Satellite Dish Policies
Seals – Affixing to Documents
Securing Maintenance Shop/Materials
Securing Playgrounds
Security Camera Experience
Security Deposits Charged
Security – Outside Contract for
Sick Leave Donation
Shower-Only Units
Smoke Free Policy Compliance Time Lines
Smoke Odor Removal
Software – Tenant Management, Who Using
Storm Door Experience
Tablet Use
Utility Allowances (Sec 8) – who prepares
Utility Costs
Utility Cutoffs and Reconnects
Vehicle Fleet Card Companies
Vehicles – Allowances/PHA-owned
Verification of assets
Veteran Preference
Visiting Pets
Visitor Policy Enforcement
Weapons and Employees
Wheelchair Ramps
WiFi Provided?
Workers Comp – how handled in personnel policy