Handbooks – HUD, for Public Housing and Section 8






Inspections – UPCS


Insurance Requirements
Insurance – TML THA-Endorsed Program (Property, WC, Liability)

HUD/TML Letter regarding 3-year lockin

Insurance Vendors – Property
Insurance Vendors – Medical

Labor Relations – Info and Reporting

Semi-Annual Reporting Form

Lead-Based Paint

HUD Link on LB Paint Issues
“Tool Kit” for HCV Programs
Lead Based Paint Training
Lead Based Paint Inspectors
Lead Based Paint Training, Licensing, etc.
Renovation, Repair, Painting
Lead Paint Brochure
Lead Paint Brochure Certification
Lead Paint Certification
Lead Disclosure Form Eng
Lead Disclosure Form Span

Legal Services

Attorneys who have experience with PHAs
Sample RFP for Legal Services

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

LEP (Limited English Proficiency)

Sample policy


Maintenance Agreement (Sample)
Maintenance Contract (Sample)
Maintenance Checklist
Maintenance Job Descriptions
Maintenance Plan
Maintenance Supplies
Maintenance Task List w/Est. Times
Maintenance Wage Rates – HUD Training Presentation

Management Discussion & Analysis (see “audits”)


IRS Allowable

Minimum Rents

History (pre-QHWRA)

PIH 1996-6
PIH 1996-7
PIH 1996-81
PIH 1998-4


Non-Citizen Restriction Issues

FAQ on Restrictions on Assistance to Noncitizens
SAVE Verification Process

Passbook Savings Estimated Rate – PIH Notice 2012-29

Pest Control

Structural Pest Control Service (TDA)
Attorney General’s Opinion on Grounds Pest Control
Pest Control Training
Integrated Pest Management
Licensing Information
Consumer Information Form
Emergency Waiver Form
Pest Control Checklist Form
Pest Services RFP 1
Pest Services RFP 2
Pest Services RFP 3
Pest Control Sample Agreement
Pest Control Sample Contract
Pest Control Vendors
Sample Infestation Policy  Bed Bug Policy

Physical Needs Assessments

List of vendors who do assessments
PNA Forms (HUD 52829, 52832

PIC (PIH Information Center)

PIH Notices

PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes)


What state law says about it
What your Annual Contributions Contract says about it
What your Cooperation Agreement says (or something similar)

PILOT Computation Form
Sample Resolution for Waiver
Sample Letter Regarding PILOT

Portability (Section 8)

Locating PHAs in other States
Portability Procedures and Corrective Actions, PIH 2008-43 

Privacy of Resident Information (see PIH 2015-06)


Sample Procurement Policy
Procurement Handbook (7460.8)
Federal Law regulating procurement

Code of Federal Regulations Title 2, Part 225:  Cost Principles for State, Local …Govts.
Code of Federal Regulations Title 2 Part 200:  Cost Principles for Federal Awards
(OMB Circular A-87)
24 CFR Part 85.36

State Laws regulating procurement

Misc Local Govt

Sample Amendment to Procurement Policy for Stimulus Funds

Public Housing Home Page

Public Housing Occupancy Guidebook

Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC)

To Log In for Reporting and Retrieving Scores
PHAS – Public Housing Assessment System – General
PHAS Scoring Video

Requesting a Database Adjustment
Requesting a Technical Review

PASS (Physical Assessment Subsystem)
FASS (Financial Assessment Subsystem)
MASS (Management Assessment Subsystem)
MASS Scoring System

Reasonable Accommodation (See Fair Housing)

Records Disposition Schedule

Relatives – Restrictions for Renting in Section 8

Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Project (RHIIP)

Program Description
Rental Integrity Monitoring (RIM)
Up-Front Income Verification (UIV)

Rent Reasonableness (Section 8)

HCV Guidebook, Chapter 9

Reporting Requirements

Resident Advisory Boards

Resident Councils

Sample Bylaws
Sample Training Presentation for Residents   – Word       PowerPoint 

Resident Participation Funds ($25/unit–for Public Housing only)

Section 3 – Economic Opportunities for Low Income

Section 3 Booklet – English
Section 3 Booklet – Spanish 

Smoke Free Public Housing

Smoke Free Housing Kit for Owners/PHAs
Smoke Free Housing Kit for Residents
Smoke Free Notice PIH 2012-25
Smoke Free Notice H 2010-21 (Multifamily)
Smoke Free Notice H 2012-22 (Multifamily)
Smoke Free Guidance 10/14
Sample Smoke Free Policies  (scroll down to S)

Social Security 218 Agreements

Student Eligibility (Section 8 ) Guidance

Subsidized Housing – search by county

Tax Credit Properties

TDHCA Information on Tax Credit Program
IRS Guide
 for LIHTC
Search for Properties

Tax Exemptions (forms) (state law 392.005)

Tenants’ Rights – Resources

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Renters’ Rights 
Texas Apartment 
Texas Low Income Housing Information Service

Travel Info

Federal Per Diem Rates for Texas and other states
IRS Allowable Mileage
Mileage Guide and calculator

Utility Allowances

Public Housing Regulations
Section 8 Regulations 
Companies that do Utility Allowances
Requests for Proposals

Sample 1
Sample 2

Utility Allowance-related forms


HUD Enterprise Income Verification Program (EIV)
Up-Front Income Verification (UIV)
Sample Verification Forms

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)      Overview

Voucher Management System (VMS) – latest information on