PHA Resources

Sample Documents

Policies– sample PHA policies that have been developed by THA or shared by other agencies

Forms – sample forms developed by THA or other PHAs and HUD
RFPs – sample Requests for Proposals submitted by PHAs

Contracts – sample contracts, agreements, MOAs (Memorandum of Agreement), MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

Job Descriptions – sample job descriptions shared by PHAs

Federal Laws

links to track federal legislation and the federal register

links to find your Congressmen or Senators

links to all major laws and/or regulations that affect/impact PHAs

State Laws

link to track state legislation

links to find Legislators and Senators

links to all major state statutes that affect/impact PHAs

Publications  – a list of publications available through THA

Survey Results – results of the periodic “research” questions that are emailed to members PHAs

Required Bulletin Board Postings – includes all the documents, information and posters required by federal and state agencies to be placed on your bulletin board

Required Reporting – A list of all reports required of a PHA, both federal and state

Topics – an alphabetical list of over 100 topics of interest to or related to PHA operations

Vendors – links to over 50 categories of vendors who have done, are doing or are interested in doing business with housing authorities.