COVID-19 Resources

CDC Order on Evictions                 Sample Declaration               CDC’s Declaration Version
CDC Order – FAQ from CDC
CDC Order – FAQ from Office of Public Housing (10/19/20)
REAC Covid Inspection Protocol
Texas Supreme Court Order 24

HUD PIH Resource Page

HUD HOME Program Info on Moratorium (June 2020)
HUD HTF  FAQ on Moratorium (June 2020)
HUD Covid-19 Tool Kit
FAQ Public Housing and HCV, Updated 9/29/20
Tenant Flyer on Moratorium
FAQ on Eviction Moratorium (4/21/20)
Waiver Notice – PIH 2020-05
Waiver Notice #2 – PIH 2020-13       Appendix
Guidance on Supplemental CARES funding – Public Housing (PIH 2020-07)
Guidance on Supplemental CARES funding – HCV (PIH 2020-08)
Guidance on Supplemental Funding (5/13/20)
Supplemental Funds Withdrawals from LOCCS, from HUD FMD (5/14/20)
Navigating PIC and REAC PHAS Reporting …Pandemic (May 15 Conference Webinar)
Covid-19 Guidance for Housing Partners
Covid-19 Interaction Playbook for Housing Partners
Charts for Tracking CARES Act Waivers and Alternative Requirements
Resumption of REAC Inspections – letter from Vargas (8/10/20)
Supplemental Funding Mod Rehab (8/26/20)
Supplemental Funding HAP (7/31/20)
Supp Funding 2nd Award HCV (7/31/20)
Supp Funding Extension (PIH 2020-24)
Covid-19 Guidance for RAD (PIH 2020-26)

HUD Multifamily Housing Notices

FAQ for Multifamily Updated 10/14/20
Addressing Tenant Concerns – Multifamily
Multifamily Housing Office Memo on Processing Special Claims related to Covid
Multifamily Housing Notice 20-07 on Eviction Moratorium
Multifamily Housing Notice 20-08  Supplemental Assistance PBRA

Eviction Prevention and Stability Toolkit

Building on innovative practices from PHAs around the country and existing HUD guidance, this toolkit offers information and resources to PHAs and HCV landlords on ways to stabilize families during and after COVID-19.  The toolkit includes the following eight attachments:

  • Attachment 1: PHA Brochure contains information on permitting repayment agreements and updating repayment agreement policies, adopting policies for retroactive interim reexaminations, directing outreach to households behind on rent, reviewing policies on minimum rent and financial hardship exemptions, and positioning residents for stability during and after COVID-19.
  • Attachment 2: Tenant Brochure can be distributed to tenants to prevent eviction for non-payment of rent as the end of the eviction moratorium approaches. There are also helpful updates on COVID-19 information and safety concerns, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) protections, and resources related to tenant needs.
  • Attachment 3: Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Landlord Flyer can be shared with HCV landlords to encourage them to coordinate with the PHA and engage with their tenants before the end of the eviction moratorium.  The flyer also encourages landlords to set up a repayment agreement if the household cannot repay unpaid rent in a lump sum by July 24, 2020.
  • Attachment 4: Repayment Agreement Guidance centralizes HUD guidance on repayment agreements for PHAs and HCV landlords.
  • Attachment 5Attachment 6, and Attachment 7: Examples of Repayment Agreements from PHAs.  Attachment 5 and 6 are sample repayment agreements for public housing participants.  Attachment 7 is a sample repayment agreement from an HCV Only Agency.
  • Attachment 8: COVID-19 Resident Needs Assessment Survey created by Urban Strategies, Inc., can be used to identify resident needs and potential reasons for nonpayment of rent.  It is intended to be used to facilitate a one-on-one conversation with the household (e.g., by phone, in-person, or other direct communication).

AG’s Office on Temporary Suspension of Provision on Open Meeting Videoconferencing

Guide to Webinars & Emergency Board Meetings during the pandemic (DIR)

CARES Relief Bill – full text

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidance

Consultation Requirements for Section 18 Demo/Dispo and Section 22 Streamlined Voluntary Conversion

Cyber Security, Tips for –  While Working Remotely

Disaster Distress Helpline

DPS Travel Press Release

Energy, Department of – Resource Page

EPA List of Effective Disinfectants

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Response

Essential Employees/Travel During Sheltering-in-Place

Sample Sign (Decatur)
Sample Letter (Kirbyville)
Sample Letter (Fort Worth)

Essential Workers – DHS Advisory

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Families First Response Act (article from Clark Hill, Strasburger & Price, Attys.)
DOL General Information on Paid Leave Rights
DOL FAQ on Families First Act
Full text of Act

Federal Contracts and Excusable Delays (article from Clark Hill, Strasburger & Price, Attys)

FEMA Rumor Control

Fraud Alert – DHHS IG’s  Office

HUD CPD Waivers

HUD FHEO Response Notices

Notice on the Effect of COVID-19 and the Fair Housing Assistance Program
FAQ for Fair Housing Initiatives Program Grantees

HUD HOME Program

Moratorium FAQ
Covid-19 Guidance  Page for HOME

HUD Office of Environment and Energy COVID-19 Response

Guidance for Request for Release of Funds (RROF) and Authority to Use Grant Funds (AUGF), etc….
Consultation, Review, and Comment on the Environmental Review Record
Future Info

HUD OIG Covid-19 Fraud Prevention Bulletins

Protect Yourself from Fraud
Fraud Prevention Tips and Resources for Renters
Fraud Prevention Tips and Resources for Borrowers
Fraud Bulletin:  Anticompetitive  Bidding

HUD OIG Covid-19 Emergency Relief and Response Efforts

HUD OIG Covid-19 Best Practices for Maintaining … Ethical Values During Covid-19

IRS Response

Justice, Department of – Fraud Control

NAHRO Resource Page

NAHRO Conference Call
Relief Bill Analysis (CARES) (3/27/20)

OMB Extends Audit Deadlines

PHADA Resource Page

Rural Development (USDA Response)

Scams – Tips for Avoiding

Section 3 FAQs (revised 4/17)

TDHCA Response

Resource Page
March 30 Notice
March 31 Notice
April 1 Notice
April 2 Notice
April 3 Notice
April 9 Notice
April 21 Notice
June 18 Notice
Compliance Guidance Update (July 9)

Texas Apartment Association

Resource Page

Texas Health and Human Services Covid Checklist for Employers

Texas Education Agency Guidance on Providing Extended Internet

Texas Workforce Commission Response

Letter to Employers
FAQ for Employers
Resource Page
Child Care Access for Essential Workers

Texas Municipal League Resource Page

TMLIRP FAQ on Covid-19 and Workers Comp/Liability

VA Inspections

PHA Responses

Survey on Handling of Interviews and Leasing – Texas PHAs

Central Tx. Housing Consortium
San Antonio
Wichita Falls

PHA Responses – Other States (collected by PHADA)

Brunswick & Topsham Housing Authority (ME)
Hocking Metropolitan Housing Authority (OH)
Housing Authority of Champaign County (IL)
Housing Authority of the City of Frostburg (MD)
Housing Authority of the City of Madera (CA)
Housing Authority of New Orleans (LA)
Housing Authority of Salt Lake City (UT)
Housing Authority of City of Manhattan (KS)
Oklahoma City Housing Authority (OK)
Reading Housing Authority (PA)
St. Paul Public Housing Agency (MN)
Superior Housing Authority (WI)
Tampa Housing Authority (FL)
York Housing Authority (NE)