Preliminary Topics

(subject to change)

Public Housing

  1. Disaster Recovery – HUD – Eva Fulton
  2. HOTMA Q & A – Cristi, Kim, Stacia
  3. ACOP – MaryAnn
  4. Tax Credit & PFC – Arnold Padilla


  1. Utilizing Your Vouchers – Katie Bibbee – Brooks Jeffrey
  2. FMR/Small Area FMR/Payment Standard Setting – HUD – Brian Gage & David Pohler
  3. Special Purpose Vouchers – HUD – Lorraine Walls & Julian Barela

General Interest

  1. PIC/EIV and EIV Security Awareness – Cristi LaJeunesse (Kenedy HA, et al)
  2. File Management – Tenant – Cristi LaJeunesse (Kenedy HA, et al)
  3. File Management – Office – Kim McGilvray (Decatur HA)
  4. Ethics – Fernando Ramos & Jose Laureano (North South Law Group, PLLC)
  5. What a new ED should be aware of – Naomi Byrne (EJP Consulting)
  6. Section 3 final rule – Cristi LaJeunesse (Kenedy HA, et al) & Brant Allen (New Boston Property Management, et al)
  7. Fair Housing – Keeping Your Communications Compliant – Katie Bibbee (Brooks Jeffrey)
  8. Lease – MaryAnn Russ
  9. Employee Development – Hannah Baldwin (Smith Marion)
    Employee development plays a crucial role in fostering a skilled, engaged, and high-performing workforce within housing authorities. This presentation offers housing authorities practical strategies and insights to design and implement impactful employee development programs. From assessing training needs to creating a culture of continuous learning, attendees will gain valuable knowledge on optimizing employee potential, promoting career growth, and enhancing organizational effectiveness. Join us to explore best practices, innovative approaches, and actionable steps to cultivate talent and drive success in housing authorities.
  10. Process Improvement – Hannah Baldwin (Smith Marion)
    Efficient and effective processes are essential for housing authorities to maximize productivity, minimize waste, and deliver high-quality services to residents. This presentation introduces housing authority professionals to the principles and methodologies of Lean Six Sigma, providing them with practical insights and tools to streamline operations and drive process improvement. Attendees will learn how to identify process bottlenecks, eliminate waste, and optimize workflows, resulting in improved efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced resident satisfaction. Join us to explore the power of Lean Six Sigma in transforming housing authority operations.
  11. Protecting Your Electronic Data:  Security, Virus Protection, Disaster Recovery – Cleatus Davis (Ultimate IT Guys)


  1. File Management – Maintenance – Stacia Waters (Atlanta HA, et al)
  2. HVAC Electrical – Randy Munson – Chadwell Supply
  3. HVAC Refrigeration Cycle & Charging Methods – Randy Munson – Chadwell Supply
  4. HVAC Refrigeration Cycle Review & New Refrigerants – Randy Munson – Chadwell Supply
  5. HVAC Recovery, Reuse & Best Practices – Randy Munson – Chadwell Supply
  6. Appliances Refrigerator – Randy Munson – Chadwell Supply
  7. Appliances Stove/Range – Randy Munson – Chadwell Supply
  8. Preventative Maintenance – Randy Munson – Chadwell Supply


  1. Ethics – Fernando Ramos & Jose Laureano (North South Law Group, PLLC)
  2. HOTMA – MaryAnn Russ
  3. History & Basics of PHAs – MaryAnn Russ
  4. Budget and Finance – MaryAnn Russ
  5. The Role of a Housing Authority Commissioner – Traps for the Unwary – Michael Syme (Fox Rothschild)
  6. Revitalization and Funding: LIHTCs, RAD and Faircloth – Michael Syme (Fox Rothschild)


  1. Conversion Q & A – Cal Davis (New Boston Property Management, et al) & Stacia Waters (Atlanta HA, et al)
  2. Can I Do A Conversion Myself? –  Cal Davis (New Boston Property Management, et al)
  3. RAD/Repositioning Basics for Small and Very Small PHAs – Greg Byrne
  4. Basics Part 2 – Example of a conversion memo and timeline for a small or very small PHA – Greg Byrne
  5. Repositioning Case Studies: Learn About Repositioning by Examining Examples of Different Strategies PHAs have Used to Convert and Recapitalize Public Housing – Greg Byrne


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