Preliminary Topics

(subject to change)

Public Housing

  1. NSPIRE Update – J Bruce McNatt Inspections
  2. Repositioning 101 – explaining the different programs – Naomi Byrne
  3. The Essentials of Property Management – JoAnn Rodriguez (Enterprise Community)
  4. Annual Plan


  1. Attracting, Educating, and Keeping Landlords – How Your Agency can Expand Your Landlord Partnerships – Katie Bibbee (Brooks Jeffrey)
  2. Utilization best practices panel led by Wayne Pollard (Tarrant County)
  3. NSPIRE for Vouchers – Tara Radosevich, Marta Juaniza, Abdulkadir Yildirim
  4. Rental market conditions, COVID impacts and HCV participation – Cecilia Cossio
  5. Repositioning panel- what did we learn? – Roz Miller (McKinney), Holly Knight, Geral Cichon (El Paso)

General Interest

  1. PHA Computer Shortcuts – Sean Vanderveer (Sherman)
  2. HOTMA – Cristi LaJeunesse (Kenedy, et al)
  3. HOTMA – Cristi LaJeunesse (Kenedy, et al)
  4. HOTMA – Cristi LaJeunesse (Kenedy, et al)
  5. HOTMA – Cristi LaJeunesse (Kenedy, et al)
  6. HOTMA – Q & A with HUD – Brian Gage, Cheryl Rivers
  7. What Not To Say When Terminating an Employee – Katie Anderson (Carrington Coleman)
  8. Interview Questions to Ask & to Avoid – Stacia Waters (Atlanta, et al)
  9. Post-Conversion – Agency (Landlord) Admin – Cal Davis (New Boston, et al)
  10.  Small Agency/New ED Roundtable – Texas FO Directors


  1.   NSPIRE for Maintenance – J Bruce McNatt Inspections
  2.   Hands on
  3.   Hands on
  4.   Hands on
  5.   Hands on
  6.   Round Table – Bobby Phillips (Edgewood)
  7.   Hands on Competition


  1. Can we still do PFCs in Texas?
  2. Panel Topic – Bridging Financing Gaps in Affordable Housing Development Projects – Sydnee Freeman (Capital Impact Partners), Derric Hicks (Texas Mezzanine Fund), Rickie Bradshaw III & Jason Grant (LISC), Worley Barker (Texas Capital Bank)
  3. Are you headed for trouble? – the warning signs of a troubled agency and program – JoAnn Rodriguez (Enterprise Community)
  4. Succession Planning – David Pohler, Tia Allen
  5. What it takes to be a good Commissioner – Michael Syme (Fox Rothschild)
  6. Development options – Michael Syme (Fox Rothschild)


  1. How To Design & Maintain a Non-Profit – Chad Porter (Smith Marion)
  2. Demystifying FDS – Chad Porter (Smith Marion)
  3. Coding, Accruing and Prorating, Oh My! – Breaking down the basics of the financial statement in terms anyone can understand. – Sherri Mayo (New Boston, et al)
  4. CFP Hot Topics – Brant Allen (New Boston, et al)
  5. Asset Management – Navigating challenges and leveraging trends – Cecilia Cossio
  6. Best Practices for Developing and Amending a 5-Year Action Plan & Closing Out a Capital Fund Grant – Andrew Laabs (Odessa, Rankin)

Resident Services

1.  Reaching your Residents – Launching & Supporting your new Resident Program (ROSS, Jobs Plus, FSS Program, etc.) with Marketing/ PR materials – Katie Bibbee (Brooks Jeffrey)
2.  New transition that HOTMA and HIP will make on FSS