PHA Executive Management – #100.1

To Be Scheduled

TRAINERS: Cal Davis & Cristi LaJeunesse 



This four-day class covers all the essential administrative aspects of the executive director’s job: board meetings, internal organization, filing and reporting, personnel, insurance, financial management, procurement, and more. This class is for but not limited to:  Executive Directors, Deputy Directors, and Administrative Assistants.  Core class for Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Administrator certifications. The exam will be online and can be taken at home after the class ends.


Day 1

  • PHA Creation and Authority
  • Funding
  • Housing Programs
  • Relationships
  • Controlling Documents
  • Organization
    • Hierarchy
    • Board of Commissioners
    • Separation of Roles
    • Resident Councils/ Organizations
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Board Meetings
  • Personnel Management

Day 2

  • Financial Management
    • Cash Management
    • Operating Budgets
    • Procurement/ Purchasing
  • Risk Management
    • Insurances
    • Liabilities
    • Fraud Prevention
  • Monitoring
    • HUD Monitoring
    • Audits

Day 3

  • Records Management
    • Tenant Files
    • File Retention
  • Housing Program Policies
    • Public Housing ACOP
    • Lease
    • Grievance
    • Voucher Admin Plan
  • PHAS/SEMAP/Agency Plans
    • Accountability
    • Management Performance
  • Reporting
    • Required Reporting
    • Employment

Day 4

  • HUD Online Systems
    • PIC
    • FASS
    • eLOCCS
    • EIV
    • VMS


CAL DAVIS is a real estate agent, former schoolteacher, business owner, author, and US veteran. He began his housing career at New Boston Property Management as Finance Specialist but became the Executive Director in 2000. Since 2013, he acquired management at the housing authorities of Bowie County, Maud, and Naples currently totaling 345 leases. His portfolio includes Public Housing, Section 22 Conversion, Section 8/515/New Construction, two Public Facility Corporations, private rentals, and a local commercial property. He has developed policies, published articles, and authors children’s book. Over the past twenty years, Cal has served on state boards and as various committee chairs for both Texas Housing Association and Rural Rental Housing Association (RRHA). He is a Certified Public Housing Manager, a Certified Professional of Occupancy, Certified Income and Rent Specialist, Texas Certified Housing Administrator/Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher and Texas Certified Occupancy Professional/Public Housing. He won the 2004 Manager of the Year award from RRHA. He became a trainer for THA in 2009. Cal has been married to Stephanie for over thirty years. They have two children and four incredible grandchildren.

CRISTI LAJEUNESSE began working with the Public Housing and Section 8 housing programs in 1996. In 2002 she was hired as Executive Director of the Kenedy Housing Authority, in 2006, Executive Director of the Karnes City Housing Authority and since has acquired management of Three Rivers, Smiley, Borger, Nixon, Falls City, Yoakum, Schertz, La Joya and Gonzales Housing Authorities. She manages Low Rent Public Housing and Section 8 programs and is well versed in the rules and regulations governing both programs. In 1999, Cristi began consulting for other housing authorities assisting them with the transition to the new HUD reporting systems. She continues to assist with Agency Plans, PIC submissions, Low Rent and Section 8 program policy and regulations. Cristi is a Certified Public Housing Manager, Executive Section 8 Manager, Senior Public Housing Manager, Texas Certified Occupancy Professional/Public Housing, and Texas Certified Housing Administrator/Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher. Cristi joined the THA training team in summer of 2009.