Income and Rent Calculation (PH & HCV) – #100.9

May 29 – 31, 2024 • 9:00 – 12:00; 1:00 – 4:00

SITE:  San Antonio Holiday Inn NW SeaWorld
10135 State Highway 151, San Antonio, TX 78251

ROOM BLOCK:  $159 S/D; click here to make a reservation
room block cutoff: May 15

TRAINER: Cristi LaJeunesse



July 10 – 12, 2024 • 9:00 – 12:00; 1:00 – 4:00

SITE:  Lubbock Housing Authority
1708 Crickets Ave., Lubbock, Texas 79401

TRAINER: Cristi LaJeunesse



This class, for both the Public Housing Program and Housing Choice Voucher Program, provides the framework for determining Annual Income, Adjusted Income, Total Tenant Payment (TTP), Tenant Rent, and the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) and Rent to Owner.  Core class for THA Public Housing and HCV certification programs.


  • Determining Annual Income
    • What is included or not included
    • Assets
  • Calculating Adjusted Income
    • Deductions
  • Verification of information related to income and rent
    • Acceptable forms of verification
  • Rent calculation – Public Housing
    • Income based rents
    • Flat Rents
    • Ceiling rents
    • Over-Income Limit Rents
  • Rent calculation – Housing Choice Vouchers
    • Payment standards
    • Housing Assistance Payments (HAP)
  • Imputed Welfare Income
  • Earned Income Disallowances in both Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Program
  • Mixed Family rent calculations
  • Certification Exam


CRISTI LAJEUNESSE began working with the Public Housing and Section 8 housing programs in 1996. In 2002 she was hired as Executive Director of the Kenedy Housing Authority, in 2006, Executive Director of the Karnes City Housing Authority and since has acquired management of Three Rivers, Smiley, Borger, Nixon, Falls City, Yoakum, Schertz and Gonzales Housing Authorities. She manages Low Rent Public Housing and Section 8 programs and is well versed in the rules and regulations governing both programs. In 1999, Cristi began consulting for other housing authorities assisting them with the transition to the new HUD reporting systems. She continues to assist with Agency Plans, PIC submissions, Low Rent and Section 8 program policy and regulations. Cristi is a Certified Public Housing Manager, Executive Section 8 Manager, Senior Public Housing Manager, Texas Certified Occupancy Professional/Public Housing, and Texas Certified Housing Administrator/Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher. Cristi joined the THA training team in summer of 2009.