HCV Occupancy Certification – #100.6


A 5-day class designed to cover all the steps in the occupancy cycle, from determining eligibility for admissions and waiting list management to voucher issuance, leasing, HAP contracts, income and rent determination and portability. Basis for training will be newly issued HCV Handbook chapters. Core class for the Housing Choice Voucher Occupancy certification program.


  • Program Overview and Basic Functionality
  • Admissions
    • Eligibility for Assistance
    • Denial of Assistance
    • The Waiting List
    • Preferences
  • Housing size and Occupancy Guidelines
  • Participant Housing Search and Leasing
    • Payment Standards
    • Utility Allowances
    • Rent Reasonableness
    • HAP Contracts
    • Portability
  • Continued Occupancy
    • Reexamination and Interim Adjustments
    • Moving with Continued assistance / portability
  • Termination of Assistance
    • Informal Hearings and Informal Reviews
    • Grievance Policies
  • HUD Reporting and Internal PHA Reporting
  • Tracking
  • Determining Annual Income
    • What is included or not included
    • Assets
  • Calculating Adjusted Income
    • Deductions
  • Verification of information related to income and rent
    • Acceptable forms of verification
  • Rent calculation
    • Payment standards
    • Housing Assistance Payments (HAP)
  • Imputed Welfare Income
  • Earned Income Disallowances
  • Mixed Family rent calculations


CRISTI LAJEUNESSE began working with the Public Housing and Section 8 housing programs in 1996. In 2002 she was hired as Executive Director of the Kenedy Housing Authority, in 2006, Executive Director of the Karnes City Housing Authority and since has acquired management of Three Rivers, Smiley, Hallettsville, Nixon, Falls City, Yoakum and Schertz Housing Authorities. She manages Low Rent Public Housing and Section 8 programs and is well versed in the rules and regulations governing both programs. In 1999, Cristi began consulting for other housing authorities assisting them with the transition to the new HUD reporting systems. She continues to assist with Agency Plans, PIC submissions, Low Rent and Section 8 program policy and regulations. Cristi is a Certified Public Housing Manager, Executive Section 8 Manager, Senior Public Housing Manager, Texas Certified Occupancy Professional/Public Housing, and Texas Certified Housing Administrator/Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher. Cristi joined the THA training team in summer of 2009.