Policies– sample PHA policies that have been developed by THA or shared by other agencies

Brochures – HUD, OIG and other housing brochures and bulletins

Contracts – sample contracts, agreements, MOAs (Memorandum of Agreement), MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

Forms – sample forms developed by THA or other PHAs and HUD

Job Descriptions – sample job descriptions shared by PHAs

Letters/Notices – sample letters and notices developed by PHAs and HUD

RFPs – sample Requests for Proposals submitted by PHAs


Bulletin Board Postings – includes all the documents, information and posters required by federal and state agencies to be placed on your bulletin board

Insurance Requirements – HUD requirements for PHAs

Jobs – Listing of job opportunities and current RFPs

Federal Laws

links to track federal legislation and the federal register

links to find your Congressmen or Senators

links to all major laws and/or regulations that affect/impact PHAs

State Laws

link to track state legislation

links to find Legislators and Senators

links to all major state statutes that affect/impact PHAs

Lead Based Paint Resources

Maintenance Resources

Publications – a list of publications available through THA

REAC Inspector Evaluations

Required Reporting – A list of all reports required of a PHA, both federal and state

Survey Results – results of the periodic “research” questions that are emailed to members PHAs

Vendors – links to over 50 categories of vendors who have done, are doing or are interested in doing business with housing authorities.