Research Results

Results of Research Surveys

Answering Services
Appliances – from whom do you buy?
Architects used and recommended
Asbestos Flooring Removal
Auditors used
Babysitting Onsite
Bathroom Remodeling Vendors Used
Bed Bugs – have you used Heat Treatment?
Board Meetings – How often do you meet?
Bonuses 2013
Budget Cuts for HCV – what is your PHA doing to lessen impact?
Capital Funds Used for Operations
Capitalization Thresholds
Caseloads – HCV Program
Cell Phones – Who pays for?
Checks – From whom do you order?
Chemical Vendors
Childcare Allowances
Children Allowed at Briefings
Collection Agency Used
Criminal Checks (2014)
Criminal History – time before admission
Criminal Trespass Policies
Deadbolt Use
Development on LongTerm Leases
Disapproving Tenancy Request (HCV)
Disposition of Large Trash Items left by tenants
Dress Codes for staff
EIV Security Training
Electronic Cigarettes Policy
Fitness Incentives
Gas Meter Transfers
Gasoline Purchase for PHAs
Guns – do you carry or have in office?
Homeless Preference
HQS Inspectors – How many do you have?
HQS Inspections  – Contracted or in-house
Human Resources Function – Who handles in small PHAs
Informal Hearings (HCV)
Insurance Required of Non-Construction Contractors
Internet Service – Providing to Residents
Inventory Control of Consumables
Late Rent Charges
Laundry Room Policies
Laundry Facilities
Lawncare Contracted
Leave Accrual
Leave Carry-Over
Lockout Charges
Maintenance – how much do you pay?
Make Ready – inhouse or contract
Medical Insurance Providers and Share
Mobile Device Use
National Night Out
Over The Counter Drug Allowance
Paperless – who has gone paperless
Parking Policies (2014)
Permissive Deductions
Pest Control – Inhouse or Contract?
Per Diem
Petty Cash
PILOT Waivers (2015)
Police Officers – do you have fulltime on staff?
Pro-rating Salaries – How do you do it?
Recording Phone Calls
Rent Collection Methods
Revenue Increasing Activities
Raises – 2013
Retirement programs and employee contributions
Rooftop Leases
Saturday Work Hours
Seals – Affixing to Documents
Security Deposits
Shower-Only Units
Smoke Free Policies – Enforcement
Social Security – How do you verify?
Software Companies – who do you use?
Software for Fixed Asset Management
Surveillance Cameras 2013
Tablet Use
Temp Staff
Tenant Services Provided
Utilities – What is PHA paying?
Utility Allowances – provide info to others
Utility Allowances (Sec 8) – who prepares
Utility Services – RFPs for?
Vehicle Fleet Card Companies
Verification of assets
Verifications – companies used for UIV
Veteran Preference
Visiting Pets
Visitor Policy Enforcement
Weapons and Employees
Youth Programs
Wheelchair Ramps
Work Number – Do you Use?