Research Results

Results of Research Surveys

Agency Plan Consultants Used
Answering Services
Auditors used
Babysitting Onsite
Bathroom Remodeling Vendors Used
Bed Bug Heat Treatment
Blown Insulation
Board Meetings – How often do you meet?
Capital Funds Used for Operations
Children Allowed at Briefings
Collection Agency Used
Copier – Own or Lease?
Credit/Debit Cards Accepted
Criminal History – time before admission
Criminal Checks – Companies used
Criminal Trespass Policies
Deadbolt Use
Disapproving Tenancy Request (HCV)
Disaster Preference
Fitness Incentives
Gas Meter Transfers
Gun Carrying Policy for Staff
Homeless Preference
Homeless Preference 2
HQS Inspections  – Contracted or in-house
Human Resources Function – Who handles in small PHAs
Insurance Required of Non-Construction Contractors
Internet Service – Providing to Residents
Inventory Control of Consumables
Late Fees Charges
Laundry Facilities
Lawncare Contracted
Leave Carry-Over
Leave Pooling
Maintenance – how much do you pay?
Medical Insurance – percentage paid by PHA
Medical Insurance Providers and Share
Mobile Device Use
Permissive Deductions
Per Diem
PILOT Waivers (2015)
Pools – Kiddie
Rent Collection Methods
Rooftop Leases
Satellite Dish Policies
Seals – Affixing to Documents
Securing Maintenance Shop/Materials
Securing Playgrounds
Security Camera Experience
Security – Outside Contract for
Shower-Only Units
Tablet Use
Utility Allowances (Sec 8) – who prepares
Utility Cutoffs and Reconnects
Vehicle Fleet Card Companies
Vehicles – Allowances/PHA-owned
Verification of assets
Veteran Preference
Visiting Pets
Visitor Policy Enforcement
Weapons and Employees
Wheelchair Ramps
WiFi Provided?