(as of June 14)



"Let Me See Your Body Talk"
            Jan Hargrave, CEO, Jan Hargrave & Assoc., Body Language Consultant

As a professional speaker, distinguished lecturer, author of Let Me See Your Body Talk, Freeway of Love, Judge the Jury and Strictly Business Body Language, Jan applies her amazing skills to show you how to take advantage of the vast world of nonverbal communication. She’s been a popular guest of the Montel Williams Show, Fox News, Great Day Houston, The Learning Channel, and E-Entertainment Television.  For more information on the trainer go to

Over ninety percent of all face-to-face communication is nonverbal; thus, the silent messages of the body often reveal more than the spoken word in conveying true feelings and attitudes.  This session offers a wealth of information concerning effective communication and the “hidden messages” of those around you as well as yourself.  Jan Hargrave’s fascinating presentation gives you the advantages you need to make in-depth character assessments, as well as an increased ability to develop ethical nonverbal behaviors in all professional relationships. 

"Rambo Tactics Wrapped in a Tiffany Box"
            Debbie and Mike Gardner, Survive Institute

Debbie and Mike Gardner are two of the most respected experts in the world when it comes to teaching nice people self-defense that works.   Their speaking engagements have reached audiences in both the private and public sector throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. Debbie and Mike met at the Cincinnati Police Academy in 1973.  During their distinguished law enforcement careers, their training was extensive … and their tests of courage and application of self-defense were routine.  Due to life threatening personal challenges, they were forced to respectfully question traditional survival/self-defense concepts that emphasized complication instead of focused simplicity. For more information on the speakers, go to

Their message isn’t just about effective moves to prevent, and if necessary survive, an assault. The Survive message translates into any area of life where a person needs strategies in self-control in a fearful situation (such as medical emergencies, crisis driving, public speaking, customer service conflicts and athletic performance).  Through humor, tons of energy and inspiring storytelling, Debbie and Mike Gardner reach everyone in the audience on their journey through overcoming fear, no matter what it is.

"Active Attackers: Debunking the Myths!"
            Sergeant Jeff Ferry, Luling Police Department

Sgt. Ferry is a 15 year Veteran Police Officer who travels throughout Texas and the Nation instructing tactics for federal, state, local law enforcement and military personnel. He has also worked K9 for over a decade and spent time on a multijurisdictional drug task force.

One of the key components of the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center at Texas State University is research. With a robust research division, get access to data that can be utilized to help make policy decisions regarding a personalized active shooter response protocol and dispel myths and misconceptions regarding events, shooters, weaponry and resolution of active shooter events. For more information on this program, go to



"Annual HUD Update:  What's Hot and What's Not!"
            Donna Wickes, Southwest Regional Dir., Public Housing, Moderator
            D. J. Lavoy, Dep. Asst. Sec. for REAC
            Todd Thomas, Policy Advisor, HUD Washington
            Steve Durham, Dir., Office of Housing Voucher Programs, HUD Wash.

What are HUD's priorities for 2018/2019? What's happening with AFFH, UPCS-V, the rest of HOTMA, SE-PHAS, Section 3 Final Rule, Regulation Relief?  Will Rent Reform ever see the light of day?  Why does it take so long for laws to be implemented? Our friends from Washington will give their best weigh-in of things to come and things to go that will affect PHAs and their programs in the coming months.

GENERAL WRAP UP SESSION - Final Drawings and Presentation of THA Certifications and Recognitions. (Thursday)




"Building a Team to Overcome Obstacles"
            Alison Bloodhart, Bloodhart Consulting
            George Guy, Fort Wayne IN Housing Authority

“Doing more with less” is our reality. We need to challenge the status quo to meet the needs of the constituents. The solution lies within the employee experience.  According to a 2015 Gallup Poll, the majority of employees were not involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work.  Presenters will share the actions they took that improved employee engagement and performance. They use an interactive approach so that participants have an opportunity to share ideas and ask questions. This session was presented at a National NAHRO conference and received top reviews.

"Housing Assistance for Noncitizens:  Who’s Eligible and Who’s Not"
            Jeremy Spence, The Nelrod Company

Did you know one of the fastest growing groups of housing applicants are non-citizens? Are you sure you’re performing the necessary verifications for these people when they claim citizenship and/or eligible immigration status? Attend this class and learn the requirements for determining and reporting (including info to other Federal Agencies) eligibility of those with potential citizenship issues. Attendees will learn the specific classifications of each eligible immigrant status and how that can affect their housing. Participants will also review how to pro-rate rental assistance to ensure the appropriate subsidy is calculated for Mixed Families. Case studies will be used throughout to enhance the learning experience. 

"Sexual Harassment for Managers & Supervisors:  It’s Time to up Your Game"
            Wendy Standorf,
Loss Prevention Training Specialist  - HR
            Darral Oliver, Sr. Loss Prev.Rep., TMLIRP

From Harvey Weinstein to Matt Lauer, sexual harassment is at the forefront of the news these days and sparked the #MeToo movement.  This training is designed to assist supervisory personnel identify various types of sexual harassment, identify ways to strengthen policies, identify the correlation of organizational culture to harassment, identify unacceptable behaviors and conduct and identify the financial and legal implications of harassment. This training is intended for employees in a supervisory role at any level. 

"Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE)"
            Sergeant Jeff Ferry, Luling Police Department 

CRASE was developed by the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT)™ Program at Texas State University. As a result of increased public awareness, many citizens have asked what individuals can do to protect themselves and reduce the dangers faced during one of these events. This session provides strategies, guidance and a proven plan for surviving an active shooter event. The CRASE message of empowerment and situational awareness is powerful and proven. 

 "Dealing with Domestic Violence:  Sharing and Open Forum"
            Robyn Armstrong, FSS Supervisor, Garland Housing Agency
            James Bozeman, Director of Housing, CTHC
            Steve Martin, Exec. Director, Mt. Pleasant HA
            Joyce Young, Exec. Director, Baytown HA

End of 2016, the final revised VAWA rule became effective, along with some new forms, new procedures and requirements.  Come to this session and hear how some of your peers, from Public Housing as well as HCV programs, have handled various domestic violence situations over the past year and a half, resources they are using, problems they have solved, etc.  Use this session to ask any questions you may have about VAWA and compliance issues or share what you have done at your housing authority.

"Service Animals:  Do I Have to Allow Emotional Support Peacocks for Employees and Tenants?"
            Sona Ramirez, Attorney, Strasburger & Price

This session will discuss the law on service animals in the employee and public accommodation context under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  It will  discuss the general law regarding service animals, what are acceptable service animals under Title I and Title III of the ADA, what are your requirements under the law as an employer and as a public housing authority for tenants, and how to handle the unique issues involved with service animals. 

"Give Your Image a Facelift: Move from Dated to Digital"
            Angie Bertel, Brooks Jeffrey

It’s time to give your image a transformation!  Part 1 of this session, you’ll discover how a modern, professional brand can inspire and elevate expectations for stakeholders and help promote the image of your communities. We’ll explore ways to show off your new image with an integrated marketing strategy, including printed materials, website and social media. Part 2 of the presentation will explore how to give your website a responsive facelift, so you look your best from every device (desktop, laptop, tablet & smart phone).  We’ll also show you how to move your PHA from dated to digital with text and email notifications, integrated content management systems, social media marketing and MUCH MORE!

"EIV Security Awareness Training Plus PIC/EIV Assistance"
             Cristi LaJeunesse, Exe. Director, Kenedy HA, et al

New EIV users are to receive as part of their training a familiarization with the requirements of the Privacy Act. Users are required to have annual security awareness training to refresh and update that initial training. This session will provide that training and following, will provide an opportunity for PHA staff to get help with PIC/EIV online issues.

"Applicant Screening:  What You Should Be Checking and Why"
            MaryAnn Russ, Consultant (Former CEO, Dallas HA)
This session will discuss: Criminal history - which crimes are significant and how far back you should look and what to do with open arrests; Tenant history - rent payment, taking care of the apartment, getting along with the neighbors (who do you ask?) ; Utility history - can the applicant get the power turned on in his/her name?  Session will also discuss the importance of documentation--it is critical and just like everything else, the paperwork must be right.

“Hiring to Firing, and Everything In Between: Top 10 Issues for Housing Authority Employers”
            Jana Woelfel, Attorney, Strasburger & Price

The legal landscaping is changing daily.  Employers face many challenges in keeping up with these changes.  The challenges are even greater for Housing Authority Employers who have a regulatory framework overlaying their responsibilities.  This session will cover the top 10 issues in 2018 for Housing Employers.



"Introducing HEROS and WISER Systems (Environmental Reviews)"
            David Storms, HUD Regl. Environ. Officer

This session will provide general updates on HUD environmental compliance procedures specific to public housing programs.  It will also introduce the HUD Environmental Review Online System (HEROS)--which will be rolling out to PHAs this summer-- and the Web-Based Instructional System for Environmental Review (WISER) training modules. 

"Public Housing Accounting:   Hot Topics"
               Brian Alten, BDO PHA Finance

Presenter will discuss current funding realities and protecting operating reserves.  He will examine the current ambiguities in HUD’s formula income/utility expense levels, the latest information on the fungibility of Capital and Operating Funds via HOTMA starting in 2018 and, time permitting, summarize briefly PHAS and SE-PHAS possible changes.

"RAD Basics 101"
            Holly Knight, BGC Advantage

Participants will hear the status of RAD and how to determine if RAD is right for their agency. Basic RAD conversion processing and determining PBV versus PBRA will be discussed. Determining the right conversion financial method for a PHA based on the physical needs will be demonstrated.

"RAD Intermediate 201:   Post RAD Compliance and Lessons Learned"
            Holly Knight, BGC Advantage

            Mary-Margaret Lemons, CEO, Fort Worth Housing Solutions
            Robby Crow, Exec. Dir., Nacogdoches HA
This session will explore RAD compliance and lessons learned from early RAD conversions. Case studies will be highlighted during the session.  Participants will learn ongoing requirements in a post RAD environment.

"When Lease Enforcement Fails - The How-To of Eviction"
            MaryAnn Russ, Consultant (Former CEO, Dallas HA)

This session will discuss the problems for which we evict: non-payment, unauthorized occupants, criminal activity, failure to care for the unit, housekeeping that is a threat to health and safety.  Also to be covered:  how to document each of the problems, importance of timing, when you do and do not need an attorney.

“Repositioning Opportunities for Small PHAs” Part 1 and Part 2
            HUD Field and Headquarter Staff, TBD     

HUD’s Future of Public Housing Initiative is seeking to improve repositioning tools for PHAs, and to encourage PHAs to consider the needs of their assets for the future. As a first step, HUD recently published a Section 18 demolition/disposition notice, which creates significant opportunities for very small PHAs (particularly those with fewer than 50 units) to reposition their assets.  These sessions will compare/contrast Section 18 and RAD, address such issues as RAD streamlining for very small agencies, and HUD’s plans for expanding options for PHAs with fewer than 250 Public Housing units. Using specific examples of small PHA conversions, HUD staff will address issues related to RAD streamlining for small agencies, program transfers and voucher choices, what happens to the ACC, effects on staff when conversions happen.



"Tenant Briefings:  Much More Than HUD Forms and a Program Summary"
            Cristi LaJeunesse, Executive Dir., Kenedy HA, et al

Your Tenant Briefing is about more than describing the program to the new voucher holder and providing them with the payment standard, size of unit, and a couple of forms.  Did you know that the HCV regs cite more than 30 things that must be included when you brief your participant? This session will go over what should be included in your tenant briefings, including the required and optional contents of the briefing packet.

"HCV Accounting:   Hot Topics"
               Brian Alten, BDO PHA Finance

This session will discuss strategies and techniques to monitor HAP funding to maximize leasing as well as administrative fee revenue, goals, and deadlines. Topics will include: Eligible and ineligible uses for Restricted Net Position (RNP) and Unrestricted Net Position (UNP), development of an easy to use tool to monitor HAP funding, HUD-Held Reserves and RNP and correctly submitting the VMS.

"HCV Best Practices Open Forum"
David Pohler, Dir. Public Housing, San Antonio HUD Office
            Regenia Hawkins, Dir. Public Housing, Fort Worth HUD Office
            Lorraine Walls, Dir. of Public Housing, Houston HUD Office
            Laredo HA
            Wayne Pollard, Exec. Director, Tarrant Co. HA
            Maria Godwin, HCV Director, Galveston HA

Bring your most pressing issues and your ideas to this round table discussion posing such questions as how do you handle grievance hearings, perform rent reasonableness, portability?  How many vouchers are assigned per inspector or intake coordinator; how do you manage your budget, customer complaints, landlord outreach, initial inspections, cost savings? Bring your questions and share ideas with HUD reps and high performing PHAs from every HUD field office.


"Overview of Current Drug Trends"
            Sgt. Jeff Ferry, Luling Police Department

Are you curious what the emerging drug trends are? Which drugs are most popular right now? Curious about what those drugs are and where they’re coming from? Unsure of what some common Signs or Symptoms of Abuse are? This session will provide awareness of the key substance abuse issues, paraphernalia to look for, providing the facts and dispelling the myths. Gain insight to deepen awareness of both recreational street narcotics & pharmaceutical abuse. Session will include a Q&A with a 15 year veteran Police Officer who has worked K9 for over a decade and spent time on a multijurisdictional drug task force.

"Annual REAC Update and Review"
            Alejandro Dominguez, UPCS Inspectors LLC

This session is our annual “what’s hot this season" coverage of REAC inspections, plus any changes to the inspection protocol, process or emphasis that inspection staff need to know.  It will also include tips for keeping and/or achieving high scores.

"Unit Make Ready/Fast Vacancy Turnaround: Biggest Challenge for Maintenance Staff"
            Dayton Davis, Maintenance Supervisor, New Boston Property Management

When a resident moves out, the property is rarely left in the same condition it was in at move-in, and sometimes the Maintenance staff must deal with heavy damages and vandalism. In the least, they must do substantial cleaning, regular & preventive maintenance, painting, and a variety of repairs in order to make the unit ready for the next renters. This session will discuss how to perform a thorough, efficient, and complete turnover of a rental unit, as well as how to assess the premises to determine the time needed to turn the unit, and the amount of labor needed to make it happen.

"Range and Cook Stove Repair:  Fix it or Nix it"
            Dayton Davis, Maintenance Supervisor, New Boston Property Management

This session will review the types of ranges available using different types of fuel (electric, gas, or dual-fuel) to help you choose the ones which are best for your agency.  You will receive guidance on deciding whether it is more cost effective to repair or replace ranges.  Other topics covered will be standing pilots versus electronic ignitions, pressure regulators, cooktop burner systems, and more.

"Locks 101"
            Charlie McCracken,

This session will cover basic understanding of locks and lock hardware pertaining to security and application. It will also cover implementing control, utilizing the small format interchangeable core lock system for your agency,  reducing cost and man hours.

"Man in the Mirror:  Civility in the Workplace (Sexual Harassment Issues)"
            Wendy Standorf, Loss Prevention Training Specialist  - HR
            Darral Oliver, Sr. Loss Prev.Rep., TMLIRP

This session takes a look at the behaviors that can cause problems in the workplace with co--workers, peers, residents and/or supervisors (one cannot always know what might be offensive to one person but is a compliment to another).  It will also help identify those behaviors that help us get along in the workplace.  By looking at the “Man in the Mirror” we will get a glimpse of how “we, the man in the mirror” can ensure we are doing our part to maintain a civil work environment and interact appropriately with others.

"Hoarding: A Simple Approach to a Complex Disorder"
            Jon Wall, Owner Steri-Clean Dallas

This session will show a glimpse of what you will encounter inside a hoarded home, the dangers in a hoarder home and how better to protect yourself as well as how to deal with the hoarder in the most efficient way possible.

Annual Maintenance Round Table



"A Day in the Life…of a Small PHA Executive Director"
            Cal Davis, Exec. Director, New Boston Property Mgt./Bowie  Co. HA
            Naomi Byrne, Stinger Consulting, EJP Consulting Group                                 

Think just because an agency is small, the job of ED should be a piece of cake?  Think again.  Small PHA directors wear way more hats than their larger agency counterparts.  Two seasoned housers take you through the chaotic, often humorous, realities of a day in the life of a small PHA director, from dealing with staff issues, tenant complaints and maintenance dilemmas to keeping up with the reporting and accountability demands of HUD and other agencies.

"Consortia, Coop Agreements, Consolidations, Regionalization: Management Strategies"
            Donna Wickes, HUD SW Regional Director, Public Housing
            Allison Reider, Exec. Director, Texoma Housing Partners
            Cristi LaJeunesse, Exec. Director, Kenedy HA, et al

This session will cover the various instruments available for cooperative management among and between PHAs, discussing the pros and cons of each approach.  Will any of these approaches improve your agency's operations, increase your efficiency or save valuable resources?

"Tips for Disaster Preparedness and Recovery, From Floors to Roofs?"
           David Nix, Asst. Claims Manager, Property, TMLIRP
           Scott Franklin, Principal Consultant, 4T Partnership
           David Pohler, Dir., Public Housing, San Antonio HUD Office

This session will deal with the importance of preparing for the possibility of natural disasters, having a plan, knowing who to contact first, how to access available resources, watching out for fraudulent contractors, coordination with other PHAs and HUD, FEMA, the city. It will cover pre-disaster planning to avoid damage and how to mitigate damage when it occurs. It will also discuss tips for temporary repairs and permanent repairs to help prepare for the next storm.

"Those Critical Occupancy Policies - What They Should Address"
            MaryAnn Russ, Consultant (Former CEO, Dallas HA)

This session will discuss the importance of policies covering civil and disability rights, eligibility and qualification,  managing the waiting list, verification paperwork, making unit offers (public housing) and issuing vouchers (HCV),  interim adjustments (when required, when optional), and recertification.

"Understanding PHA Funding and Budgeting - It's Not Brain Surgery"
            MaryAnn Russ, Consultant (Former CEO, Dallas HA)

This session will discuss how our programs are financed - the HUD formula:  Operating subsidy, Capital grants, HAP and Administrative Fees., and PHA income in general.  It will also discuss the difference between authorizing bills and appropriations.   It will cover budgeting and financial management responsibilities of the commissioner.

"Beyond 2018 - What Future Options Are Out There for Your Agency?" 
            Naomi Byrne, Stinger Consulting, EJP Consulting Group

The platform for PHAs across the nation is shifting away from traditional programs and federal funding has been steadily declining over the past decade, while the capital needs of aging housing inventories accumulate and the demand for affordable housing grows. Congressional appropriations are unstable, and the current administration has proposed significant cuts to our core funding sources. Programs like the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) and other initiatives have been implemented to help PHAs address this insecurity and imbalance, but how could these programs impact your operations and your agency? Can you still be a Public Housing Authority and not have public housing or Section 8? And what other programs are there that PHAs might be able to take advantage of if RAD is not a fit for you? Come find out about the various HUD initiatives that could change the way you operate as a PHA in the future.



"Project90: Self-Sufficiency in 90 Days"
            Cate Jordan, President/CEO, 90Works

The Project90 interactive presentation will share the 90Works case management model that is designed to help people become self-sufficient in the first 90 days of service. 90Works has a 90% success rate helping vulnerable populations become self-sufficient and stable in 90 days.

"Operating Your ROSS and FSS Programs From a Coordinator’s Perspective"
            Lachelle Goodrich, ROSS Coordinator, Fort Worth Housing Solutions
            Dana Sinegal, ROSS Coordinator, Fort Worth Housing Solutions
            Deana Broussard, Homeownership & FSS Manager, Fort Worth Housing                                            Solutions

Learn practical strategies to coordinate service activities, successfully engage clients and secure/maintain community partnerships.   Share Best Practices on reaching program goals and operating effective ROSS and FSS programs.

"Working More Effectively With Your HUD Grant Team for a Successful ROSS/FSS Program"
           Charles Eldridge, National Grant Administrator,HUD Wash.
           Tremayne Youmans, NCI Specialist, HUD Wash.
           Darrin Dorsett, Housing Specialist, HUD Wash.
This session will discuss the roles and responsibilities of the HUD Grant Team (Field and Headquarter Staff) and share resources and strategies for effectively implementing your FSS and ROSS Grants. 

" Implementing a Successful ROSS Program"
           Charles Eldridge, National Grant Administrator,HUD Wash.
           Tremayne Youmans, NCI Specialist, HUD Wash.

Provide Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) staff with the tools to run a successful ROSS program. This workshop will teach you the ROSS overview basics, how ROSS funds may be used, the main role of Service Coordinators, working effectively with residents, working effectively with partners, and ROSS reporting requirements.  


" Understanding FSS Reporting Requirements and Composite Scores"
           Charles Eldridge, National Grant Administrator,HUD Wash.
           Tremayne Youmans, NCI Specialist, HUD Wash.
           Darrin Dorsett, Housing Specialist, HUD Washington

Provide Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) staff and managers with an understanding of the new performance management system. Attendees will learn the three (3) measures used in the performance system, how the performance system works, and how HUD intends to use this performance system in the future.

" Engaging VASH Participants Through Family Self-Sufficiency"
           Charles Eldridge, National Grant Administrator,HUD Wash.
           Darrin Dorsett, Housing Specialist, HUD Washington
Highlight research, provide best practices that help veterans receiving rental assistance and clinical/case management services through the HUD-VASH program find meaningful employment by leveraging partnerships and resources, such as the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program. 


JoAnn Rodriguez, VP for Asset Management, Fort Worth Housing Solutions


Part 1  -   ACOP/Annual Plan/Basic Funding and Operations/Fair Housing/PHAS

Part 2  -   Public Housing Leases/Addendums/Applications/Verifications/File                                     Organization

Part 3  -  Eligibility for Admission/Tenant Screening/Waiting Administration

Part 4  -  Continued Occupancy/Re-exams/Interims/Income and Rent/EID

Part 5 -   Continued Occupancy Transfers/Community Service/Grievances

Part 6 -   Inspections/REAC/Property Maintenance

Exam on Thursday morning