Welcome to our website. Texas Housing Association is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the education and information needs of the 400+ public housing authorities/agencies (PHAs) in Texas. Our members are agencies that administer the Low Rent Public Housing Program and the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. We invite all Vendors doing business with or wishing to do business with Texas housing agencies to become  Associate Members.

WE DO NOT PROVIDE HOUSING OR TAKE APPLICATIONS.   In Texas you must apply directly with the housing authority in the town in which you wish to live.  For a directory of agencies in Texas, click here.








We just added to our website a way for anyone interested in donating to our Scholarship Fund, to do so easily through PayPal. See the red “Donate” button to the right. THA is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit which means donations are tax deductible. Our donation page is set up for you to choose amounts ranging from $10 to $100 to a custom amount.

We are also pleased to announce that our Scholarship Committee just recommended and our Board just approved the addition to our program of scholarships for trade schools. We are offering two separate scholarship application forms: one for those interested in attending a college or university; one for those interested in technical or trade school options, including building trades,  computer programming, medical and dental technician training, cosmetology and hair styling, etc.

2018 Scholarship Application –
2018 Scholarship Application –
Tech/Trade School



If you count non-registered speakers, we had over 625 “cross the threshold”. We hope everyone who attended left with something that made the trip worth while–some good info, a cool door prize, a new friend, a sense of renewed energy and purpose…. Many, many thanks to everyone who helped with registration, badge checking, projector set up and moral support.  Hope to see everyone next year in Galveston!

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ATTENTION FAMILIES LOOKING FOR SECTION 8 VOUCHER ASSISTANCE:  Watch out for SCAMS! Reportedly, there are Internet Sites claiming to be application sites for voucher assistance.   They are taking fees and personal information from people claiming to put them on waiting lists. These are BOGUS! The only way you can apply for voucher assistance is directly through a local housing authority.  Click  here  to find the applicable housing authority Texas.